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Your first year of college was going well, with a few exceptions, but nonetheless it was great. The dorm room that you stayed in was quaint and decorated the way you like it. Your roommate, Lili Zwingli, was the sweetest person you had ever met. The cafeteria food could have been better, and your professors could be more lenient, but for the most part, you couldn't really complain.

You had just returned to campus from the long winter's break, which could have been longer in your opinion. You and Lili talked about what you two did over break as you both unpacked and settled into the dorm room. It was as if you two had never separated. With everything unpacked and settled, you and Lili left the room to grab something to eat. As you two walked down the stairwell, you found yourself at a standstill with a box sloppily labeled, “Al's stuff.”

“Mind getting out of my way?” said a voice behind the box. The 'voice' was clearly agitated.

You apologized and made room for the person to continue up the steps. As he passed you, you took note of his tattered brown leather jacket; his dark, burgundy hair; and a grumpy expression that took play on his face. The guys face was handsome, you admit, if it weren't for the dirty look he gave you.

You exchanged looks with Lili. When you two were out of hearing distance, you muttered, “How rude.... Do you believe that guy is transferring here? And into OUR building?!”

Lili nodded. “Maybe he just needs some time to get use to the school. We do start our new classes tomorrow.”

“... I guess. But I have a bad feeling about this guy....”

“You said the same thing about my brother.”

“W-well, he's an exception.”

You remembered the first time you met Lili's older brother, Vash. He didn't want his little sister out of his sights, which meant that he didn't want her away from home. You thought he was a little too overprotective of Lili. However, after weeks of convincing, you finally were able to get his sister to dorm with you (with Vash's permission of course).

You secretly hoped that the new guy wasn't as bad as he appeared to be. Who knows? Maybe he's just having a bad day, and your chances of becoming friends with him are not as slim as you thought.


“Alright...” you fumed. “It's been two days and Al is on my last nerve.”

On the first day, you found out that Alfred F. Jones, who preferred to be called Al, was in most of your classes. It didn't bother you until you realized that he kept staring at you and following you around. On your way to one class, you thought you could make a quick slip into the bathroom and wait until he passed by. However, much to your dislike, he was casually waiting against the wall across from the woman's bathroom. Why you didn't confront him at that time was beyond you. Maybe you were scared?

On the second day, you were on stealth mode. You kept your eyes wide open for the next time Al would show up. You felt paranoid and ridiculous, but you were determined to ask him why he was openly stalking you. Again, much to your dislike, he was no where to be seen. It was as if he vanished, or he was just your imagination. But when you came back to your dorm building, you saw him lazily walk back into his room. You were going to march up to him and demand answers, but you were exhausted from the day full of classes.

Instead, you vented out your angst to Lili. She wiped some of the sleep from her eyes as you started putting on your clothes. You had just came back from your morning shower with complaints about Al. As you were walking back to your room, Al walked passed you and pinched your -ahem- ass cheek. You were going to slap him, but you didn't want to risk your towel falling off.

“Hopefully you can talk to him today,” said Lili. “Third times the charm.” She gave you a little smile, and you sighed.

“Hopefully. If that bastard decides to go to class today.”

It was noon and you just got out of your first class. Al's name was on the roster, but he wasn't there (no surprise). However, when you walked into the hallway, you felt cold eyes boring onto you. You looked to your left and saw Al looking right at you. His red eyes and smirk looked almost menacing. You were tempted to run, but you were frozen under his stare.

“Like what you see, dollface?” he jeered. This pissed you off.

“It's _____, not 'dollface', okay? And where the hell have you been? You're suppose to be in this class.” You pointed in the classroom you were just in.

“After the first day, I got tired of going to all of my classes. All the professors are really boring. I'll start going to class when things start getting interesting.”

You scoffed. “Interesting? You're suppose to go to class to learn something. Not go whenever you feel like it.”

“You can say what you like, dollface. But I'm not going to just because you tell me to.”

“Fine. Do whatever you please,” you said drily. You turned to walk away. “Oh, and stop following me.”

“Like I said before: I'm not going to just because you tell me to.” He was walking along side of you, and you just looked away, trying to ignore him.

It's going to be a long day... you thought.


You made it back to your room, annoyingly tired from fighting Al all day. He scared away most of your friends, forcing you to eat lunch alone with him. He followed you to all of your other classes but didn't intend on actually attending the lectures. You were able to force him into some of them only because you knew that he took the same classes and thought it would annoy him. Which it did, thankfully.

You threw your backpack aside and plopped onto your bed. A little nap sounds nice. I'll probably wait for Lili to get back from her class and then we can get dinner together. With that thought in mind, you shoved your thoughts about Al out of your mind and drifted off to sleep.


You woke up two hours later. The room was dark, and so was your window. Lili wasn't in the room, nor did it look like that she ever stopped by the room. You looked at the clock, and realized that she should have been back from her last class an hour ago. You then checked your phone for any missed messages. None. You were starting to get worried.

Lili and you had a little system going because her brother made you responsible for his sister's safety. You and Lili would always have a copy of each other's schedules and always inform each other where they are if anything came up. If Lili went missing and Vash found out, you were dead. Maybe not in the literal sense, but still you'd be in big trouble.

You tried not to panic, and called Lili's cell phone. With each ring, you grew more worry. When the first call wasn't successful, you waited another minute and tried again.

You let out a sigh of relief when you heard the other line pick up. “Lili, where are you? I was beginning to worry-”

“Lili can't answer the phone right now.” You froze. There was a male voice on the other line, and they had Lili's phone. Panic was starting to set in and you couldn't breathe. “But~” the voice continued. “If you want to talk to her, come to Room 333.”

Wait....WHAT?! you internally screamed. You ended the call and marched out of your room. You stormed to the boy's hall on your floor and started pounded on Al's door.

“ALFRED. OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW BEFORE I-” You almost fell in when the door suddenly flew open. Al stood right in front of you and Lili was standing right behind him.

“Hey, dollface~” Al greeted.

“Shut up,” you told him off. “Lili, are you okay?!”

Lili nodded. “I'm okay. I was talking to Al.”

You stared at her in disbelief. “What...? S-so he didn't kidnap you o-or hurt you or anything?”

“Um, well, he did steal my phone.” She looked down,shyly. “But he promised to give it back. He just wanted to talk to you, but didn't know how to.”

“I'm sure he could have came up with a more creative idea...” you glared at Al, who only smirked in response. “Anyway, let her go Al. You didn't have to stoop this low just to talk to me.”

“Yeah, but it was fun seeing you all fired up. I honestly thought it was worth it.” He gave Lili back her phone and allowed her to leave.

“I'm sorry for the inconvenience, _____. I didn't mean to cause you any trouble.”

“It's alright, Lili. As long as you're okay. I can handle Al myself.” Speaking of who, Al swiftly pulled you into his room.

“You might have to eat dinner alone, Lili. It's going to be a long talk.” Then he shut the door.

You looked around Al's room. It was a double, just like yours except the other bed didn't have a bed set. There were half packed boxes laying on the floor and on the unused bed and desk. You were a bit petrified by the mess, especially when your eyes caught onto a baseball bat with nails embedded into it.

“So,” you started. “What were you talking about with Lili?”

“It's none of your business,” he shrugged.

“It is my business. She's my roommate and friend and I have to look out for her. Otherwise, her brother's not going to let her dorm here with me.”

“Don't worry your pretty little head off, _____. Her brother won't find out. If you do me a favor.” His evil grin sent a shiver down your spine. You stared at him with your (e/c) eyes, trying to see through his scheme. You gulped.

“What kind of favor?” You held your poker face, but it was starting to falter when Al started walking towards you. You backed away, only to be stopped by his desk. He puts his hands on the desk, trapping you like a cornered mouse.

“A simple favor. You become mine, and Lili's brother won't hear a word about what happened.”

“And if I don't? What then?”

Al chuckled darkly. What he did next took you by surprise. He grabbed wrist and tossed you onto his bed, pinning you underneath him. You struggled, but Al was sitting on your stomach and had both your hands above your head. He loomed over you. Fear was overcoming your urge to fight back. Al was much larger than you and most likely more powerful. He was definitely scarier, too.

“T-this is sexual harassment, you know. I-I could have you a-arrested,” you threatened. You tried to remain tough, but it was more difficult with your body trembling under his.

“It's not sexual harassment if you like it.”

You were going to question him, but he cut you off with his lips. Al used his hand to keep your head from turning away, freeing one of your hands. You tried to push him off, but he was much heavier than you were and hitting him didn't do anything either. It frustrated you at how good the kiss was. And it bothered you even further when Al started running his other hand up and down your side; his thumb edging beneath your shirt. Both your hands were free from his grasp, but it didn't matter. Slowly, you started to melt into the kiss. It was passionate and hot, which caused your mind to turn into a steamy haze. It scared you at how much you liked it.

“Told ya you'd like it,” Al panted. You didn't say anything. You were still recovering from the lack of oxygen in your brain. In the back of your mind, though, you didn't care that you looked like a hot mess. Your stomach was exposed and the blush on your face was warm.

“So what's your answer, dollface?”

“Mmm...?” you thought out load. Then you propped yourself up on your elbows. “I still think you're an asshole. But... I guess I'll say yes. On one condition.”


“I am not your property. Got it?”

“Whatever, babe.” He leaned in and kissed you gently, which was strange. But then you squeaked when he slapped your thigh.

You left the room in an angry fit, leaving your new beau with a fresh hand print across his cheek. Lili owed you big time.
God, it's been a while...

I've been having terrible writers block for the past month. I think I still have it, hence this story... it's just the beginning of my recovery. So, hope that this one will get the ball rolling in my head. That way I can continue writing more.

Normally, I prefer regular Alfred, but Al isn't too bad either. :iconyay2pamericaplz:

Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
You belong to yourself :icon2pamericaplz:
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...Is it wrong that from "You made it back to your room, annoyingly tired from fighting Al all day. He scared away most of your friends, forcing you to eat lunch alone with him." and on a little voice in my head was whispering, "That damned bastard...Kill him where he stands...Use your knowledge of fighting to make him unable to reproduce (really strong kick to the nuts), make it hard to breathe (punch right below the diaphragm), cut off his remaining air (very swift punch to the throat at the right angle), and beat the rest of the life out of him...This f-ck-r needs to learn that you do not harass woman this way!" until the end of the story?

...Well, the voice changed from “A simple favor. You become mine, and Lili's brother won't hear a word about what happened.” on; it made the voice furious and I nearly destroyed my computer in sheer frustration of wanting to kill Al for the impending sexual rape. Luckily there was none, so that voice instead change into screaming at the reader, "YOU IDIOT! DON'T SAY YES! UGH, NOW SOONER OR LATER I'LL HAVE TO BE TELLING YOU NOT TO GO INTO THE CELLAR!"

But all-in-all, this was a great story :) I can tell because never have I ever had such an urge to throw my laptop at something before and kill a nonexistent person. If a story can make me feel like that, or any strong emotion really, then it's a great story :) All I have to point out is towards the end; “'Mmm...?' you thought out load." Out load? Aloud or out loud?
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