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April 1, 2013
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((Warning - slight language))

Week after week, you worked hard on your papers and studies. There was a lot more work being an Undeclared ((you don't have a major yet)) than you had originally thought. On the up side, midterms were over; meaning that you were half way through your second semester of college. Your grades were decent (according to you), but they could be better.

“Aaaaaaaagh...” you groaned. You slapped the notebook with your notes on to your desk and leaned back in your chair. “This is pointless. When am I ever going to use this in real life?”

“It's just a general requirement,” said Lili from her desk. Elizabeth was laying on your bed, flipping through her math book.

“Yeah.... It's a stupid requirement if you ask me,” commented Elizabeth nonchalantly. “They give us these courses in order to weed us out. That's how this institution makes money.” She had a point. The cost for tuition nowadays were ridicules.

“I thought it was the over priced meals and textbooks...” you said bitterly.

You were already working hard, and debt was a problem before you even applied to college. Sure, you worked – waitressing in the local diner, babysitting, cashier, any job that was available for you to make a little extra cash – but it was only enough to cover for your textbooks.

Your parents were supportive to a certain degree. They helped pay part of the tuition, which meant that you had to work and pay off the rest. You could have commuted and lived at home, but you couldn't afford the time and gas that it cost to drive back and forth everyday.

“I hope investing into “higher education” pays off in the end.”


You, Elizabeth, and Lili took a study break and got (coffee/tea). The three of you chatted in the lounge until a certain someone caught your eye. It was Al F***ing Jones. He didn't seem to notice that you were there, but you shot him a scowl anyway. Elizabeth looked over and smirked at you.

“Isn't that your boyfriend, _____?”

“He's NOT my boyfriend,” you hushed. You didn't want Al to know that you were there. The less you saw of him, the better. Ever since the day he kissed you, you had the nagging urge to strangle the guy in his sleep. The kiss was burned into your skull for some time, and every time you thought about it you got frustrated. You had more important things to worry about than this guy.

“But I thought you guys had a thing?”

“What thing? We don't have a thing. The only thing we have is NOTHING.” You could feel your face heating up. You tried not to raise your voice because you didn't want to attract any unwanted attention. Sadly, that wasn't the case.

“Hey, _____,” Al greeted. You dropped your head and let out a sigh.

“I'll see you guys later....” You got up to leave and quickly walked past Al. He followed you.

“Where are we going, dollface?” he said almost smugly. You didn't answer him. “Oh, the silent treatment huh? Well, I bet that I'll win~” He swiftly pulled you into a corner by the stairs and pressed his coffee cup against your cheek. You squeaked, not expecting his actions.

“L-let go. I'm going to be late for class.” You glared at him with your (e/c) eyes. It didn't phase him. Al only chuckled; probably at the fact that he “won.”

“Nice try, but I know you don't have anymore classes today.”

“Stalker...” you mumbled. “Don't you have something better to do? Like selling drugs to minors?” You found out that you were more sarcastic whenever you conversed with Al. It wasn't intentional, but sarcasm felt like a natural response to whoever pissed you off.

“Nah, too easy.” You rolled your eyes. “Anyway, I have a message to pass on: Behind the Science Building. Tomorrow at 9.”

“Wha-?” Al kissed you before he ran off. This made you mad. He had no right to steal kisses from you if you two were not in a relationship. “That bastard.... What does he mean 'the Science Building at 9'?  It's such a vague message....”

You contemplated whether or not you should go to said building, and at 9 in the morning or at night? You thought about it to say the least. “Why?” was also another question you had in mind. Why did you care? You didn't, but your curiosity said otherwise. If you stayed in your dorm room and let the next day go by, you might never find out what Al had planned.

You shook your head in annoyance. “Gah! There's too much to think about.”


The next day, you didn't have any classes ((lucky you)). However, you were inside the Science Building, sitting on one of the benches in the hallway. There was a window that had a perfect view of the front of the building. You sat there, waiting – you wore your shades, hid your (h/l) (h/c) hair inside your (hat/hood), and sipped you (beverage) casually. You hoped that the people walking in the hallway thought you were just a student, “relaxing” and “enjoying the view” from the comfort of the bench.

You got there early to make sure you would be able to catch Al walking to the Science Building. For the last hour or so, you never saw him. He probably meant 9 P.M., which also meant that you woke up early for nothing.

Your eyelids were feeling heavy until you felt a buzz from your pocket. You took out your cell phone to see a txt message from an unknown number. It read: Wanna hav some fun? You didn't want to freak out, but it was a sketchy message. The chill in your spine told you it was Al, yet your brain was skeptical. It was possible that he got your number from when he took Lili's phone; but that was one time. There was no way that he could memorize your number in such a short time. Right?

You didn't reply to the message. Instead, you dragged yourself back to your dorm for a nap.

From then on, your day was pretty quiet. Well, except for that voice in your head that persistently reminded you that Al was somewhere on campus, plotting something, and you were absolutely clueless.


It was 8:45 P.M. And you were, once again, sitting on the bench in the Science Building. What willed you out of bed and back here was beyond your comprehension. However, you were determined to find out the meaning behind Al's message. You just hoped it wasn't anything mentally, physically, or emotionally scarring.

You waited patiently. The windows were dark, and there were no more classes being held in the building. The only people left inside were you, a few studious students, and whatever professors stayed behind for the night.

You felt your phone vibrating in your pocket. The number that sent you the mysterious txt in the morning txted you again: In the green house. You stared at the message for some time until you remembered that you had to breath. Taking a much needed deep breath, you pushed yourself off the bench and made your way outside.

You walked the path that led up to the green house, which was right behind the Science Building. The poorly lit path gave you a bad vibe. Scenarios played in your head, like someone jumping you out of nowhere, wanting to rape or even kill you.

Oh, god.... What was I thinking? I should have called Elizabeth to back me up in case something happens. Wait, why am I being so paranoid? No, _____. You have every right to be freaking out this late at night, with no one around to hear you scream. Maybe it's just in my head. Yeah. No one would be out at this time. Everyone is in their room where it's nice and warm. I should just turn around now and go back to my room.

You were about to do so when suddenly something, or someone, crashed into you. By the time you hit the cold ground, you realized that you were being attacked. You wanted to scream, “I KNEW IT!” but it wasn't the right time for that. You screamed and struggled with your attacker.

“So you came after all!” You certainly didn't recognize the man's voice, which only made you panic more. You wanted to question how he got your number and such, but your first priority was to get away. You manage to kick the man in the torso, rendering him helpless for the moment. You scrambled to your feet and ran back to the Science Building.

“Help! Anyone, help me!” you shouted. The man must have been fast because he caught your waist and brought you to the ground again.

“Feisty, aren't ya? Well, don't worry about that. I'm not picky.”

What is that suppose to mean!? You continued to struggle. Tears were welling up in your eyes. You were scared of what was to come next. Just when you had lost all hope, the man was off of you with an unpleasant thud.

“Back off, you little fuck. She's mine. Unless you want to fight me for her....” You saw the man pick himself up and run off without another word. Then you looked at your savior. It was Al and his nail infested bat. From the ground he looked pretty intimidating, but at the very least you knew he would hurt you. You were actually glad to see him for once. “Mind holding this for me?” He handed you his bat. You didn't question it and carefully took the bat. What he did next surprised you; Al picked you up bridal style and carried you toward the green house.

When you two entered the green house, Al set you down on your feet and switched on the light. Your eyes grew wide. There was a table with flowers as the center piece, and two plates with a burger and a side of salad. Al walked over and pulled out a bottle of wine from underneath the table.

“Um...” you started. “Is this suppose to impress me or something?”

“What? I can't be a fucking gentleman?” You raised an eyebrow. Then you smiled and set the bat next to the door. You took a seat while Al poured you a glass.

“I never said you couldn't be a gentleman, though it seemed unlikely. But I guess this is the least I could do for you since you went though the trouble.... And for saving me.”

“Yeah, yeah,” he mumbled. “Just eat.”

You smiled and happily took a bite. Unfortunately, your smile became a frown when you didn't taste beef in your burger.

“Uh, Al? What is this?”

“It's a veggie burger. Why?”

“What!? Don't tell me you're a vegetarian?”

“Surprise, surprise. I thought you had me all figured out,” he said smugly.

You blushed. It wasn't a big deal. You probably looked like a mess anyway after your tussle with a rapist.

Well, I guess I shouldn't judge him now. I've never really talked to him either. That's probably why he went through the effort to making this meal. I should give him a chance.

“Not quite.... I mean, aside from your... aggressive appearence, you seem like you have a good heart.”

“Don't start getting soft on me, dollface. I do what I want. And if someone gets in my way, they'd get a face full on nails. That guy that attacked you, he got lucky,” Al scoffed.

“Well, as long as you don't get arrested then I guess I can put up with that.” You picked at your salad. “So why?”

“Why what?”

“All 'this'.” You gestured to the everything around you. Al turned his head, avoiding eye contact.

“Like I said.... I do what I want.” You smiled. There was no chance of you getting Al to be completely honest with you, but as long as he wasn't harassing you, then you were fine with it.

“So I've heard that you're having some money troubles, isn't that right?” Al asked. You groaned, but nodded. “Hmm, I could help you with that if you do me a favor.” The smirk on his face startled you.

“What kind of favor?” you said nervously.

~:~:~ Extended Ending~:~:~

Al drove to the diner, not to far from campus. He sat down in one of the booths and order 2 coffees and a large stack of pancakes. A few minutes later, his brother, Mattie, joined him.

“You didn't have to kick me so hard, ya know?” he growled, drowning his pancakes in maple syrup.

Tsk. When did you become such a wuss?” mocked Al. “But thanks.”

“Whatever.” Mattie scarfed his first few pancakes. “So, did you get her?”

“I got her,” Al grinned.
So a lot of you guys asked me to continued with 2p!America. And here it is! I hope you guys are happy with it. If not, well, don't read....

The favor can be whatever your imagination comes up with. I swear, it's not dirty unless you're the one thinking about it

Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
You belong to :icon2pamericaplz: you
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I read the first one. And I personally think this continuation is awesome. But just so u know. Im pretty sure 2p America's name is Allan Jones not Alfred Jones. 2p names r slightly different from their 1ps. But other then that I give this a thumbs up. Great job. \^w^/
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